Simple Pricing

User Setup Fee $199.00
There is a one time license fee charged per User to access the DOLB service.
Monthly Access Fee $69.00
Each User is charged $69.00 per month. The fee is conveniently charged to your credit card on the first day of every month.
Practice Setup Fee $199.00
There is a one time setup fee to add a new or existing set of practice data to the service. There can be discounts for billing services with multiple practices.
Phone Support & Training
Need help learning the system, creating a new report, or using a specific feature? Our phone support and remote training is available Monday thru Friday 8AM till 5PM PST. No support contracts are required. Price is based on our normal hourly rate of $150/hour with a 10 minute minimum.
Doctors Online Billing
The DOLB service is a perfect fit for new or existing billing services. Also, single or multi provider offices of various specialties can benefit greatly. This service allows you to connect to your practice data and patient schedule from anywhere with an internet connection, Well suited for multi location offices and anyone who would like access from home.
Data Backup $25.00
Our system uses a multi generation backup system daily and mirroring. There is also an off site backup to another state providing extra security for your data. You can request a backup of your data at any time.

About Doctors Online Billing

DoctorsOnLineBilling adds a new and exciting alternative to the Medical billing industry.

DoctorsOnLineBilling is a division of AutoMates. AutoMates has been in the computer business for over 30 years, and have been involved in medical billing software and resources for the past 25 years. Our extensive knowledge of medical billing, and technology allows you to take advantage of more effective solutions than ever before.

The goal of DoctorsOnLineBilling and AutoMates is to provide our customers with excellent service. Over the past 25 years, we have made our customers our number one priority.

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