Mary Jane: A Novel|Paperback (2024)

"Delightful...Blau is a deft hand with comic juxtaposition and domestic fantasy. She keeps it light, she keeps it moving and she’s got terrific visuals...You can watch the movie in your mind. Lady Gaga as Sheba? I’m already casting it." — New York Times Book Review

"I LOVED Jessica Anya Blau’s novel. Mary Jane is about an oppressed teenager being given a jolt of life and joy by an eccentric found family of therapists, a child, a rock star and a movie star in the 1970s....If you have ever sung along to a hit on the radio, in any decade, then you will devour Mary Jane at 45rpm." — Nick Hornby

"I dare you to find a more winning novel than Jessica Anya Blau’s Mary Jane. Filled with humor and sharpness and so much light, this book introduces an amazing cast of characters, all so unique and finely observed, held together by the clarity of Mary Jane’s voice. It evokes those rare moments when your world is on the precipice of change, almost a dream, and how thrilling it is to push your way toward something new." — Kevin Wilson

"Blau’s intelligent, witty novelcaptures the essence of the ’70s with humor and immensely appealing characters. Highly recommended." — Library Journal(starred review)

"Blau’s coming-of-age charmer will hit all of the nostalgia notes." — Parade

"MARY JANE is that rare thing: An utterly charming, absurdly delightful novel that also makes you think deeply about the world around you. Jessica Anya Blau'sclear-eyedwit reminded me of Curtis Sittenfeld and Laurie Colwin, and, of course, Jane Austen." — Joanna Rakoff, author of My Salinger Year

“The experience of reading Jessica Anya Blau’s Mary Jane is a lot like eating quality candy: super enjoyable, crazy good. I am sad to have finished it.” — Marcy Dermansky

"A serious book packed with funny moments and a lot of heart." — Boston Globe

"A charming and poignant tale of desire, image, Americana, and chosen family." — Booklist

"This novel is a week at the beach with rock stars, it’s a three-part harmony at a kitchen table, it’s finding a family where you fit in.Jessica Anya Blau is a smart, generous, sensitive storyteller, andMary Janeis a loving, sexy, funny, and beautiful book." — Gabriel Brownstein, author ofThe Open Heart Club

“Jessica Anya Blau is one of the funniest writers—EVER. No one captures the oddities, joys —and yes—the pain—of modern life with such frankness, humor and sly-witted style.” — ZZ Packer, author of Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

"Both poignant and tremendously funny...unendingly charming and fun." — Shelf Awareness

"Wonderful...A tale of clashing cultures and a slow awakening of ideas, hope and beliefs, this is one of those novels you’ll be so glad to lose yourself to. It’s also perfect for fans of Curtis Sittenfeld's books – and we can give it no higher praise…" — Stylist (UK)

Mary Jane: A Novel|Paperback (2024)


What is Mary Jane the novel about? ›

A coming of age story with a young fourteen year Mary Jane, whose life to date is organized regimented, an only child who is ignored by her father. This will, in one summer, change when she is allowed to be the helper, nanny to a four year old, whose father is a psychiatrist.

Is the book Mary Jane going to be a movie? ›

Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum is bringing another woman-penned novel to the screen. The director will follow up 2022 Sofia Carson-starrer “Purple Hearts,” based on the book by Tess Wakefield, with “Mary Jane,” an adaptation of Jessica Anya Blau's bestselling coming-of-age novel, for Sony and 3000 Pictures.

Is there any Romance in Mary Jane? ›

In the Cone household, everyone is always hugging and kissing. When Izzy tells Mary Jane that she loves her, and Mary Jane replies that she loves Izzy, too, the older girl realizes, “I'd never said that before, not to anyone.” Not surprisingly, Mary Jane quickly falls in love with the entire Cone ensemble.

How does Mary Jane a novel end? ›

By the end of the story, Mary Jane herself develops an appreciation for her abilities and finds the courage to choose her future path in life.

Is Being Mary Jane Based on a true story? ›

Tamron Hall, who recently announced that she would be leaving NBC after being pushed out of the third hour of the Today Show, was apparently the inspiration for BET's Being Mary Jane.

Why is Mary Jane popular? ›

For women all over the world, Mary Jane is perhaps the first shoe we came across. Its simple design makes them a go-to choice for many parents when buying shoes for their children, and the instep design made it easy for children to move around.

What is being Mary Jane on Netflix? ›

The life of a young Black woman, her work, her family and the popular talk show which she hosts.

Does Mary Jane get pregnant in Being Mary Jane? ›

Instead, she happily accepts—but a few weeks later, he walks in on Mary Jane in the bathroom as she looks at a pregnancy test. She is, indeed, pregnant.

Does Mary Jane become pregnant? ›

Pregnancy. During the 1994–96 "Clone Saga" storyline, Peter's clone, Ben Reilly, appears. Mary Jane discovers that she is pregnant. While she experiences some complications in her pregnancy, Reilly's scientist friend Seward Trainer helps her.

Who was Mary Jane's love interest? ›

In the films, Mary Jane is Peter Parker's next-door neighbor, childhood crush, and primary love interest. Though Mary Jane dates several other men in the first two films, she ultimately falls in love with Peter and Spider-Man and discovers they are one and the same.

Who does Mary Jane end up with on Being Mary Jane? ›

And we do get to see a happy ending for both women—for Mary Jane, as a new mom who ends up with her "unicorn" dream man, Justin (Michael Ealy).

Who did Mary Jane marry? ›

Meet Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson—MR. & MRS. PARKER! They're one of pop culture's most iconic couples, and now readers will see them stronger than ever in the Ultimate Universe.

Who kissed Mary Jane? ›

In the scene in question, Peter (aka Spider-Man) is seen dangling upside-down from a web while locking lips with MJ, who is standing upright.

Why did Mary Jane break up? ›

Gorgeous and charismatic, Mary Jane felt Peter wasn't affording her the attention she deserved. The conflict between Spider-Man, Peter, and MJ came to a head courtesy of Peter's desperate and rushed marriage proposal. The ghosts of Mary Jane's past caused her to balk at the concept of stability, and she fled New York.

What happened to Mary Jane in the movie? ›

At the film's end, Mary Jane prepares to marry John Jameson, but she leaves him at the altar, goes to Peter's apartment, reveals that she is in love with Peter and is prepared to face whatever risks their relationship may bring as a result of his alter-ego.

What issue does Mary Jane appear? ›

Mary Jane made her first actual appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #25 (June 1965), although her face was obscured. However, she was seen by both Liz Allan and Betty Brant, who are both shocked by how attractive she is. It is not until The Amazing Spider-Man #42 (November 1966) that her face is actually seen.

Why was Mary Jane wetting the bed? ›

Mary Jane's wetting the bed at age 39 because she's ignoring her stress levels and the effects they may be causing on her body. Don't let stress get the best of you – talk to someone.

What does Mary Jane refer to? ›

mary jane. noun. US and Canadian a slang term for marijuana.

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