10 Joanna Gaines recipes you must try (2024)

10 Joanna Gaines recipes you must try (2024)


Does Joanna Gaines eat healthy? ›

“Typically with sweets, I go all out,” she says. “If you're gonna make the cake, just make the cake.” The key, of course, is moderation. Gaines does stress that most of her family's food includes things like the nutritious vegetables and fruits that grow in their own garden—like this beautiful broccoli!

Does Joanna Gaines write her own recipes? ›

I initially wrote down every recipe I could think of, but they were just names. Then I sat with my food team, a few friends I work with from the restaurant [Magnolia Table], and we built out those recipes one by one, putting together flavors that I thought would be fun together,” says Gaines.

What is Joanna Gaines most famous for? ›

Joanna Gaines, co-founder and lead designer of Magnolia Homes, co-stars in HGTV's Fixer Upper with her husband Chip.

What recipes are in Magnolia Table 2? ›

Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines Season 2
  • Tomato Basil Soup...the dreamiest tomato soup!
  • Twice-Baked New Potatoes... ...
  • Mom's Bulgogi with Cucumber Kimchi Salad... ...
  • French Toast Crunch...not worth the work!
  • Fresh Salsa and Guacamole... ...
  • Dutch Oven Lasagna...

What was Joanna Gaines in the hospital for? ›

Joanna Gaines posts pic from the hospital after undergoing back surgery. Joanna Gaines first sustained the back injury as a high school cheerleader over 20 years ago. Joanna Gaines recently had back surgery to remedy an injury she sustained 20 years ago.

What does Joanna Gaines use in her hair? ›

In an interview with Popsugar, Gaines revealed that she was a big fan of Oribe's line of premium hair care products and she uses a few best-sellers to maintain her voluminous look. Right now, you can snag one of her go-to's at a rare discount during Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale.

What is Joanna Gaines salary? ›

Chip and Joanna have made $30,000 per episode on Fixer Upper, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Do Chip and Joanna Gaines still own a restaurant? ›

Chip and Joanna Gaines are more than just the ultra-successful faces behind HGTV's Fixer Upper. They now own their Magnolia empire, which includes real estate, businesses, and a restaurant in Waco, Texas.

What company does Joanna Gaines own? ›

Joanna Gaines is the co-owner and co-founder of Magnolia, a New York Times bestselling author, and Editor in Chief of Magnolia Journal.

What religion are Joanna Gaines? ›

The two began dating, and in 2003, they were married in Waco. Chip and Joanna Gaines belong to the evangelical Antioch Community Church, which has been criticized for its anti-gay views. They have five children: Drake, Ella, Duke, Emmie, and Crew.

What is Joanna Gaines personality? ›

Overall, Joanna Gaines seems to exhibit the traits of an ESFJ personality, as she is decisive, nurturing, practical and detail-oriented.

What is Joanna Gaines decorating style called? ›

If you're a fan of the HGTV show Fixer Upper, you definitely know about Joanna Gaines aka the queen of the modern-farmhouse style.

What is the best time to go to Magnolia Table? ›


Tuesday is the best day of the week to visit both the Silos and Magnolia Table. December is a fun time to visit to see all of the holiday installations, and it isn't super hot or crowded. Another good time to go is spring or during the Silobration, usually in the fall.

What is the name of Joanna Gaines bed and breakfast? ›

1. Magnolia House is not located in Waco. Chip and Joanna documented their transformation of this 2,868-square-foot 1880s farmhouse during episode four of the third season of Fixer Upper, and anyone who saw that episode knows that Magnolia House is located just outside of Waco, in the small town of McGregor, Texas.

How many cookbooks does Joanna Gaines have? ›

Her work has previously appeared on Elle, HGTV and Backstage. Joanna Gaines' third cookbook will be the best of both worlds. The Fixer Upper star, 44, is releasing Magnolia Table, Volume 3, which will hit stands in May — and PEOPLE has a sneak peek at the cover and what fans can expect inside.

How does Joanna Gaines stay healthy? ›

Since lunch is more of an afterthought, Gaines is a big snacker in the afternoons, relying on foods like protein bars, trail mix and fresh fruit to get her through to dinner. Her family is also a big fan of juicing their garden-fresh produce and she loves having juice on hand for a little pick-me-up.

How much weight has Chip Gaines lost? ›

Why Trust Us? Chip Gaines has lost at least 10 pounds while training for his and wife Joanna's annual event, The Silo District Marathon. The former Fixer Upper host opened up about getting in shape in the new issue of their magazine. He admitted he was "20 pounds overweight" before he started working out.

How much are Chip and Joanna Gaines worth financially? ›

The Gaines' have an estimated net worth of $50 million collectively.

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