We Reviewed 10 Online Recipe Organizers, And There Are Clear Winners - The Kitchen Chalkboard (2024)

Nothing is more frustrating than when you are about to make dinner and can’t find the recipe. You try searching for it but can’t remember the name. Getting food on the table is a priority, and now it’s delayed. It has happened to me more times than I can count. Then I started thinking about online recipe organizers.

My first foray into creating a digital cookbook was making a folder on my computer and bookmarking the recipe. This method is excellent in its simplicity. It falls down a bit when you look for a recipe and have no idea its name. You have to be online to access the website and rely on it while still in the exact location when you found it. Over time, I found sites shut down, or recipes were placed behind a paywall, making them challenging to access.

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Then I moved to online recipe organizers and haven’t had an issue. All of my recipes are stored in one place and easy to access. It is the ultimate time-saver.

There are so many options out there. A quick search for “online recipe organizers” in the app store produces countless results. If you want to learn how do I store my recipes electronically, I’m here to help!

I tried several online recipe organizers and methods, including Cook’N, Paprika Recipe Manager, Pepperplate, Pocket, Recipe Sage, and Pinterest. Each has pros and cons, but a few stand out from the crowd.

Want to make your digital cookbook?

Let’s go to the Chalkboard.

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Why Use One Of The Online Recipe Organizers?

A digital cookbook is a place to store all of your recipes, similar to the recipe boxes your parents or grandparents might have used.

Organizing your recipes will help streamline your meal planning and save time. With a digital cookbook, all of your recipes are in one place. Collecting your recipes allows you to quickly search, scan, and choose what you want to cook and do quick work of creating shopping lists.

Your digital cookbook will show you recipes you haven’t seen in years. It may even get you out of a cooking rut. I found dishes that I used to make that quickly went back into rotation. Digital cookbook for the win!

What To Look For In Online Recipe Organizers?

When choosing a method to create a digital cookbook, I’m looking for a few things. First is the ease of use. I want something simple to import recipes from any website without fuss easily. It’s also essential to be able to add recipes that aren’t on the internet. We all have those recipes we printed years ago or family dishes that are significant parts of our collections. The online recipe organizers should allow those recipes to be added quickly.

Next, I evaluate the search function. It’s essential to have an app that allows you to find a recipe quickly. These online recipe organizers are designed to save you time, not waste it with a long search.

I am also looking for the option to create a helpful shopping list. The list should be well organized and easy to share, print, or save.

All of the apps have additional features, but I have found that not all are worthwhile. Bonus points are given to innovations that provide real value.

Let’s see how these methods compare and answer the question, how do I organize my recipes electronically. Read on to see what are the best online recipe organizers.

Big Oven

One of the oldest programs on the market, Big Oven was created in 2003. It’s a pretty popular app that allows you to save and scan recipes and access them across platforms.

We love the option to use up leftovers. With a few clicks you can search recipes that use ingredients you have on hand.

The basic version is not enough for someone that cooks a great deal and if you have recipes to scan then you want to upgrade to the Premium version for $24.99 a year.


Created by two home cooks and developers, ChefTap allows you to clip recipes from all over the web and store them in their app. It’s free at the basic level.

I found the app a bit clunky. I couldn’t clip recipes from a majority of websites despite it touting that they can import from anywhere. For that reason, I couldn’t thoroughly review or recommend the app.


Cook’N has been around for many years and has excellent reviews on the app store. The developer does well to provide information on how to use the app, and after you sign up with a free account, you will receive several daily emails on features.

The app is free, but what is not clear is that you only get access for about a week when you sign up. After that, it’s $49.95 a year for the basic membership. This level only allows for five recipe imports a day and five scans. If you plan to import all of your recipes at once, you will upgrade to the standard membership, $99.95 a year. It is expensive!

Cook’N is simple to use, but I wouldn’t call it slick. The landing page is other people’s recipes, not your own. They also use the comic sans font, which I know many people do not like. Minor in the grand scheme of things but worth noting.

Recipes are straightforward to add from any website. Put the URL in, and Cook’N captures the entire page. That means you will see all of the text and photos, not just the recipe. This is wonderful if you have a complex dish where you want to read the entire description. But on busy nights, when you are just trying to make dinner, a clean page with just the recipe is preferred.

Scanning recipes is easy. Take a photo and then highlight the text to assign it to title, ingredient, or method. It doesn’t take very long.

The search function is pretty good. It will scan most, but not all, of the text. As an example, it would find onion if it were listed on its own but not if it were listed as red onion.

Grocery lists were straightforward to create and very well organized. I love how they list under each item which recipe includes it. There have been so many times I have been at the grocery store and wondered why the heck something was on my list. This feature eliminates that.

Where this app shines is in the Pinterest import feature. If you have most of your recipes stored on Pinterest, this app is fantastic. You log in through Cook’N and click on the boards you want to be imported. Cook’N will then create folders for each board and include all of the recipes. Cook’N’s Pinterest importer is a huge timesaver for the user.

Copy Me That

We Reviewed 10 Online Recipe Organizers, And There Are Clear Winners - The Kitchen Chalkboard (3)

Created by a woman that was tired of searching through recipes for what she wanted, Copy Me That is an online recipe organizer that could not be easier to use.

Install the Copy Me That button into your browser and then click it when you want to add a recipe. It is that easy. Recipes are placed into the system in a pleasant card to look at and easily searchable. It’s free to use across all devices since it is web-based.

Simple features are included in the free plan, including a shopping list. I didn’t find the need to upgrade to the premium version, although, for $12.99 for a year, it may be worthwhile for power users.

Google Docs

It may not have occurred to you to use Google Docs as an online recipe organizer. But there are some significant advantages to this method. You can’t get more straightforward to use than Google Docs. If you aren’t familiar with Google’s answer to Word, Docs is a less bloated version. It’s web-based and free to use.

To use this application as an online recipe organizer, you simply copy and paste recipes into separate documents. Give them a title, and that’s it. You don’t even need to hit a save button, as it’s automatic. The results may not look pretty, but it’s simple.

Google is a search engine giant. To call the search function in Docs robust is an understatement. You can easily find any ingredient, title, or word in a flash.

Since Docs was not created as an online recipe organizer, there aren’t any additional features.

You can’t get a more straightforward method, but the recipes don’t always look great and are sometimes difficult to read after copying them from the web.


If you aren’t familiar with Pocket, it’s a free app that helps you store any article or webpage. You can then refer back to it at any time, even if you are offline. It integrates with Safari and Chrome well — with just one or two clicks, you can save anything to your account.

How does this work for recipe management? You find a recipe on any website and save it to Pocket. You go to getpocket.com or the Pocket app whenever you need it, and it’s there. It’s as simple as that. There is an unlimited amount of space to store your recipes.

The downside of the free app is that the search functionality is limited. However, if you upgrade to Premium ($44.99 a year), you get a full-text search and a permanent copy of anything you save. So even if the website goes away, you still have a version saved.

Pocket would work well if you already use it for articles, but the cost is pretty high for recipe management.


Pepperplate is a free recipe management app meant to rival Paprika. It hasn’t had an update since 2015, and it shows. The app crashes often, and the user experience is frustrating. It’s best to avoid it. There are better options for online recipe organizers out there.


We Reviewed 10 Online Recipe Organizers, And There Are Clear Winners - The Kitchen Chalkboard (4)

RecipeSage is a donation-based app that has been around since 2017. It is easy to use. While adding recipes via a URL is still in the Beta testing phase, it worked without issue. It can batch import recipes from Pepperplate, although I didn’t try that function since Pepperplate has never worked. Images don’t pull from recipes, but if you donate, they will

The search function works well, and you can look up any recipe by ingredient. The shopping list is easy to use and lists each item’s recipe underneath it on the list. Grouping doesn’t carry over to when multiple recipes use the same ingredient. It lists two amounts next to each other; I wish it listed both recipes. You can share your list, but it doesn’t seem like you can share the recipes between devices.

The interface is simple and no-frills. That being said, I’ve found that some of the fancier apps have too much going on in them. The design then becomes distracting. One minor concern is that since it is not a massive operation, we need to watch to see where they are going. I would hate to spend the time to import the recipes only for the app to go away in a year, although the developer is often working on it and releasing frequent updates.


Many of you use it every day. You see a recipe, pin it, and there it is. The search engine is excellent. If you need to find a German carrot recipe or a sweet green treat for St. Patrick’s Day, one search and many options are there.

Managing recipes with Pinterest is a different story. Once you have saved the pins to a board, it can sometimes be challenging to find. I didn’t think you could do it for years, but I recently found a way to search through your pins only.

  1. Go into your profile, and select “all pins” to view your pins.
  2. Type what you are looking for into the search bar.
  3. Next to the search bar will pop up the option for where to search. Selecting “Your Pins” will help you quickly find anything you have pinned.

Something to consider is that Pinterest only works online, and you are relying on the link to the pin still being active when you click it. Considering that the life of a Pinterest pin is many years, sometimes you may try to go to a recipe only to find the link to be broken; this can be frustrating.

A recipe manager will store the recipe for you, eliminating this problem.


Paprika is a recipe manager that has been around for many years. It has an importing feature that shines on the PC/Mac and makes getting started a breeze. You use the browser within Paprika to visit a recipe page and click a button to import. To add it to the app on your iPhone it’s two clicks. You click on the share button and then select the Paprika app. It’s that easy.

Since Paprika stores all of your recipes in their app, you can access them anytime, even offline. You can also easily search by recipe name, ingredient, or URL. The ingredient search is critical here because you may not know the recipe’s name or where it came from, but you will likely know at least one ingredient.

As for additional features, Paprika has them. And not just any innovation, but ones that are helpful and time-saving. You can add a recipe to your favorites and a calendar for a meal plan. There is a scale recipe button that will quickly double, triple, or half a recipe. This feature is one that I found myself using often.

The shopping list is the best tool I have found on Paprika, besides the simple Recipe Importer. You can add the ingredients from a recipe to a master list with one click. You can quickly scan them before adding and unselecting those you already have in your pantry; this is a real timesaver. They have also added a smart list feature, so items are now combined.

Is The Paprika App Free?

This app is not free, but it is reasonable in terms of paid digital cookbooks. The iPhone and iPad apps are $4.99, and the Windows/Mac apps are $19.99/$29.99, respectively. So, even though the apps sync between your devices, you need to purchase each one separately. You can get away with just having it on your iPhone if you wish to start that way, but it will take longer to import recipes. Remember that these are one-time fees, unlike a subscriber model other apps use that charges you per year.

What Are The Best Online Recipe Organizers?

After using these various online recipe organizers, I understand the value of a dedicated recipe manager to create a digital cookbook. Recipes are stored and ready to go when you are, and the extra features are handy.

If you are looking for the best online recipe organizers for the long haul, Paprika is a robust and easy-to-use recipe manager. It is worth every penny.

Not willing to invest? Try RecipeSage. It has everything you need to organize your recipes and save time without the frills.

What do you use to make your digital cookbook? Is there an app or method that I am missing that you want me to review? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy organizing!

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We Reviewed 10 Online Recipe Organizers, And There Are Clear Winners - The Kitchen Chalkboard (5)
We Reviewed 10 Online Recipe Organizers, And There Are Clear Winners - The Kitchen Chalkboard (2024)
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