Usd, Inc. · Po Box 20805, Phoenix, AZ 85036 (2024)


USD, INC. (Entity #02236493) is a PROFIT business in Phoenix, Arizona registered with the Corporations Division of the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). The business entity was formed on March 30, 1990, incorporated on June 29, 1990. The current entity status is (). The type of the business is . The registered business location is at Po Box 20805, Phoenix, AZ 85036. The registered agent of the business is ST SERVICE CO. The agent office address is 4250 N Drinkwater Blvd, 4th Floor, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. The officers of the entity include Eric Bromenshenkel (Director), Eric Bromenskenkel (President), Fairmount Corporation (H), Rebecca Wilson (Secretary).

Business Information

Entity ID 02236493
Entity Name USD, INC.
Business Address Po Box 20805
AZ 85036
Business County MARICOPA
Corporation Type Code P
Entity Type PROFIT
Domicile State AZ
Life Period PP
Incorporation Date 1990-06-29
Formation Date 1990-03-30
Approval Date 1990-05-17
Last Annual Report Filed 2015
Revocation Comment 1 REIN 05/04/98 REV 03/10/98
Annual Report Received Date 2015-05-26
Amendment Date 1994-01-10
Amendment Publication Date 1994-03-24
Amendment Publication Exception Code Y

Registered Agent Information

Agent Appointed Status 2015-06-01
Statutory Agent Appointment or Resignation Code A
Agent Address 4250 N Drinkwater Blvd
4th Floor
AZ 85251

Business Officers

Officer TitleOfficer NameOfficer AddressOfficer Address AttentionAppointed Date
DirectorERIC BROMENSHENKEL1580 E Riverview Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85034
PresidentERIC BROMENSKENKEL1580 E Riverview, Phoenix, AZ 85034
SecretaryREBECCA WILSON1580 E Riverview, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Business Changes

Change or Merge DateChange or Merge From Name

Business Documents

Document Received DateDocument Description
1991-04-1090 ANNUAL REPORT
1992-04-1491 ANNUAL REPORT
1993-04-1592 ANNUAL REPORT
1994-04-1593 ANNUAL REPORT
1995-04-1494 ANNUAL REPORT
1996-04-1695 EXTENSION
1996-10-2895 ANNUAL REPORT
1998-07-0298 ANNUAL REPORT
1998-09-0496 ANNUAL REPORT
1999-06-2899 ANNUAL REPORT
1999-06-2899 ANNUAL REPORT
2000-05-0800 ANNUAL REPORT
2001-04-1001 ANNUAL REPORT
2002-08-1202 ANNUAL REPORT
2003-06-2603 ANNUAL REPORT
2004-10-0104 ANNUAL REPORT
2005-06-2305 ANNUAL REPORT
2006-06-1206 ANNUAL REPORT
2007-09-0507 ANNUAL REPORT
2008-06-0208 ANNUAL REPORT
2009-10-2109 ANNUAL REPORT
2010-06-2910 ANNUAL REPORT

Corporations with the same agent

Corporation NameAddressAgent NameIncorporation Date
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Bear Trap LLC 2011 E Lavieve Ln, Tempe, AZ 85284St Service Co2013-06-21
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7801 Jv, LLC 4208 E Lewis Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85008St Service Co2013-12-20
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Officer Information


Officer NameOfficer TitleOfficer AddressAppointed Date
ERIC BROMENSHENKELDirector1580 E Riverview Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85034
ERIC BROMENSKENKELPresident1580 E Riverview, Phoenix, AZ 85034
REBECCA WILSONSecretary1580 E Riverview, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Corporations with the same officer (ERIC BROMENSHENKEL)

Corporation NameAddressAgent NameIncorporation Date
Integral Parts, Inc. 1580 E Riverview Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85034St Service Co1989-02-01
726 E University, LLC 6803 E Main St Ste 1116, Scottsdale, AZ 85251Martin J. McCue2022-05-05
C and E Financial, LLC 2850 N 24th St #412, Phoenix, AZ 85008Cary T Inabinet2001-09-07
Firecliff Community Association Po Box 10000, Prescott, AZ 86304Hoamco2002-06-24
501 N. Center, LLC 6803 E Main St Ste 1116, Scottsdale, AZ 85251Martin J McCue2022-08-12
Simply Telecom LLC 1300 N Mcclintock Dr Ste B4, Chandler, AZ 85226Bueller Jones LLP
Blue Seas Investment Group LLC 1257 E Eli Ct, Gilbert, AZ 85296Lee Ranalli2005-02-02
Glenview Holdings, LLC 1257 East Eli Court, Gilbert, AZ 85296Lee Ranalli2006-02-21
Usd Air, LLC 1580 E. Riverview Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85034St Service Co.2022-11-29

Corporations with the same officer (REBECCA WILSON)

Corporation NameAddressAgent NameIncorporation Date
First Baptist Church of Bisbee, Arizona Po Box 4490, 1173 Hwy 92, Bisbee, AZ 85603Jeremiah Walpert1956-01-06
Villa Niagara Homes LLC 1846 E. Innovation Park Dr. STE 100, Oro Valley, AZ 85755Registered Agents Inc2022-11-15
Cb 48, LLC 3310 W Bell Rd #129, Phoenix, AZ 85053Georgia Cartwright2010-06-07
Allied Automotive, Inc. 1580 E Riverview Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85034Morris Kaplan1992-02-12
15696 N Oracle Rd #171, Tucson, AZ 85739Thomas P Friezen1994-05-09
Accountant 4 U, LLC 6626 W Honeysuckle Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85083Ronald Wilson2009-05-01
Bright Insight Therapy Solutions LLC 3456 E Claxton Ave, Gilbert, AZ 85297Rebecca Breanne Wilson2024-02-16
Fairmount Corp. Real Estate and Investments 1580 E Riverview Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85034St Service Co1980-06-10

Location Information

Street Address PO BOX 20805
State AZ
Zip Code 85036

Corporations in the same location

Corporation NameAddressAgent NameIncorporation Date
Price-Rite, Inc. Po Box 20805, Phoenix, AZ 85336Morris A Kaplan1982-05-03
Paragon Enterprises, Inc. Po Box 20805, Mesa, AZ 852770805Paul E Couture1988-10-20
Automotive Express Enterprises, Inc. Po Box 20805, Mesa, AZ 852770805Paul E Couture1998-10-06
Riviera Systems, U.S.A., Inc. Po Box 20805, Phoenix, AZ 85036Morris A Kaplan1983-04-08

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Usd, Inc. · Po Box 20805, Phoenix, AZ 85036 (2024)
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