Missioncal Holdings LLC · Po Box 80723, Phoenix, AZ 850600723 (2024)

Arizona Corporation Registration

Po Box 80723, Phoenix, AZ 850600723


MISSIONCAL HOLDINGS LLC (Entity #L12267675) is a DOMESTIC L.L.C. business in Phoenix, Arizona registered with the Corporations Division of the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). The business entity was formed on September 7, 2005, incorporated on November 2, 2005. The current entity status is (). The type of the business is . The registered business location is at Po Box 80723, Phoenix, AZ 850600723. The registered agent of the business is MATT BOWLING. The agent office address is 1809 W Naranja Ave, Mesa, AZ 85202. The officers of the entity include Matt Bowling (Member).

Business Information

Entity ID L12267675
Business Address Po Box 80723
AZ 850600723
Business County MARICOPA
Corporation Type Code W
Entity Type DOMESTIC L.L.C.
Domicile State AZ
Life Period PP
Incorporation Date 2005-11-02
Formation Date 2005-09-07
Approval Date 2005-09-07
Amendment Publication Exception Code N

Registered Agent Information

Agent Appointed Status 2005-09-07
Statutory Agent Appointment or Resignation Code A
Agent Address 1809 W Naranja Ave
AZ 85202

Business Officers

Officer TitleOfficer NameOfficer AddressOfficer Address AttentionAppointed Date
MemberMATT BOWLINGPo Box 80723, Phoenix, AZ 850600723

Business Documents

Document Received DateDocument Description

Corporations with the same agent

Corporation NameAddressAgent NameIncorporation Date
Princess Limousines LLC 1113 Live Oak Street, Miami, AZ 85539Matt Bowling
Copper Canyon Properties, LLC 1113 Live Oak Street, Miami, AZ 85539Matt Bowling
Go Bowling Title Loans LLC Po Box 80723, Phoenix, AZ 85060Matt Bowling

Officer Information


Officer NameOfficer TitleOfficer AddressAppointed Date
MATT BOWLINGMemberPo Box 80723, Phoenix, AZ 850600723

Corporations with the same officer (MATT BOWLING)

Corporation NameAddressAgent NameIncorporation Date
6711 Black Canyon Property, LLC 2398 East Camelback Road, Suite 110, Phoenix, AZ 85016Charlton B Rhoads
The Arizona Toy Store, LLC 2398 E Camelback Rd Ste 110, Phoenix, AZ 85016Michele F Mccabe2013-03-22
Go Bowling Title Loans LLC Po Box 80723, Phoenix, AZ 85060Matt Bowling

Location Information

Street Address PO BOX 80723
State AZ
Zip Code 850600723

Corporations in the same location

Corporation NameAddressAgent NameIncorporation Date
Go Bowling Title Loans LLC Po Box 80723, Phoenix, AZ 85060Matt Bowling

Corporations in the same zip code

Corporation NameAddressAgent NameIncorporation Date
Vital Perioperative Concepts, LLC PO Box 15761, Phoenix, AZ 85060John Hackett2023-08-28
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The Hartley Dance Project LLC 3920 E Thomas Rd #80861, Phoenix, AZ 85060Ian Vasquez2024-01-15
Porky Bansons LLC Po Box 97807, Phoenix, AZ 85060Arizona Legal Document Services LLC2023-05-02
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Nikki Murphy Photography LLC PO Box 80632, Phoenix, AZ 85060Nicole Murphy2024-01-06
P.O. Box 97550, Phoenix, AZ 85060InCorp Services, Inc.2023-12-26
Stv Investors LLC 3920 E Thomas Rd Unit 15661, Phoenix, AZ 85060Republic Registered Agent LLC2023-02-21
Biltmore Health Insurance LLC po box 15643, Phoenix, AZ 85060Jack L Shahbazian2023-11-13
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Similar Entities

Corporations with similar names

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Grt Holdings, Inc. 630 N Bumby Ave Ste 226, Orlando, FL 32803Lang Thomas F1998-05-07

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Dataset Information

This dataset includes 800 thousand business corporations registered with Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), Corporations Division. Each entity is registered with business entity ID, business name, location, registered agent, principals, etc.

Missioncal Holdings LLC · Po Box 80723, Phoenix, AZ 850600723 (2024)
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