“Give Me Back My Grandmother” – Tom Segura jumps on stage at a Nashville bar and performs “Friends In Low Places” – Techsprint 2021 (2024)

It’s awfully brave to come so close to Garth’s bar…

Chances are Garth Brooks not a big fan of Tom Segura. And that’s not really a surprise, considering the comedian is the reason Garth’s every social media post is flooded with questions: “Where are the bodies?” comments and people making jokes about serial killers.

You probably already know this long-running segment, but it all started in 2018 when Segura and his wife, fellow comedian Christina Pazsitzky, hosted the show Your mother’s house podcast, I came across a downright hysterical video announcing Garth’s Stadium Tour. You know, the one he wanted to call the Big Ass Stadium Tour?

This is the one where he said he wanted to “play music physically” and how much he “liked it”.

If you don’t remember, we remind you…

Thanks to this film, Tom and Christina P came to the (really inevitable) conclusion that Garth must be a serial killer with approximately 200-300 bodies buried in his backyard.

And the rest was history.

Thanks to an internet prank, Country Music Hall of Famer Garth Brooks, one of the biggest live acts in country music history, selling out consecutive professional football stadiums, furiously hijacked the entire comment section on Instagram and Twitter following the two funny comedians.

And this has been going on for YEARS.

Not only comments on all of Garth’s posts, but every post that mentions him is inevitably flooded with comments begging Garth to give his families closure and finally reveal the location of the bodies he has buried in his backyard.

And it’s all but confirmed that Garth isn’t a fan of Segura or the jokes, after the comedian revealed last year that Garth blocked him on Instagram:

“I first found out about this about a year ago from a 100% reliable source… I thought to myself, ‘Does he know?’ And they said, “Oh, yes, yes.” He knows. And I said, “Is he nervous?”

And they said, “He just doesn’t get it.” He doesn’t know why you’re talking about him. I thought, “Okay.”

And recently… he just blocked me on Instagram. And I thought, oh, he finally blocked me.

But that’s not all: Segura was also told that whenever anyone brought it up, Garth would pull out the famous video of Segura falling while playing basketball and tell them it was “karma” for everything Tom said about him .

This doesn’t sit well with Garth, who always seems incredibly nice and kind, but he seems to get the jokes:

“And another person told me, this person told me that he heard from a reliable source that when my name comes up, he shows a video on his phone of me playing basketball and falling and he says, ‘Karma.’ ‘

I thought, this is f*cking amazing. That a serial killer finds it in his heart to say “karma” to another person.

You mean, people say he’s responsible for hundreds of people missing, and he’ll say it’s karma?

You have to admit, it’s pretty funny.

But Segura seemed to have gotten under Garth’s skin, so the comedian made quite the bold move by walking into a bar in downtown Nashville, just a block from where Garth had just opened Chick-fil-A Honky Tonks, his new bar, Friends In Low Places.

Segura did the same when he was in Music City when he visited Bootlegger’s Inn on Broadway after a recent concert at Bridgestone Arena.

And once there, he hopped on stage to join the band for their performance of “Friends In Low Places.” (Well, sort of… Segura didn’t know the words, which is even funnier).

But as the band played Garth’s biggest hit, Segura had to warn the audience and make a desperate plea to the country music superstar:

“There are 300,000 missing people in America. Do not forget about it…

Give me back my grandmother…

Garth killed so many people.

@seguratom We had a good time. I still don’t know the words. The new video is already on my YouTube. 🤘🏼 #garth #garthbrooks #wherearethebodies ♬ original sound – Tom Segura

Now, if Garth really wanted the jokes to go away, he would have just invited Segura to his bar to sing a song, proved he was in on the joke, and then it wouldn’t have been funny anymore.

But apparently that’s not going to happen – so Segura is forced to make fun of him just steps away from Garth’s bar.


“Give Me Back My Grandmother” – Tom Segura jumps on stage at a Nashville bar and performs “Friends In Low Places” – Techsprint 2021 (2024)
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