Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (2024)

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Have I mentioned I’ve deleted all the social media apps from my phone?

Instagram has stayed, but everything else has gone. In addition, I’m keeping my phone downstairs instead of having it in my bedroom next to my bed. Some of you with the same addiction to being connected may understand how hard this has been for me. Others of you, who have a healthy relationship with social media and your phones may not. Either way, I knew it was something I needed to do to become more present in my life, less sidetracked when I should be on task, and more productive.

It was my friend Kelley who gave me the suggestion… we were at a wonderful retreat together at the beginning of the month and she told me how much deleting social media apps from her phone has improved her life. It also hit me kind of hard when I was sitting with some of my best blogging friends in person… people I am used to connecting with only via social media…and we were all around a big table, in person, together and Kelley whispered across the table to me “Every single person is on their phone!”. Sure enough, I glance around and we are all chatting with each other but our faces were buried in our phones. How can we be truly connecting with each other when we are not even looking at each other? Is what I saw at that table, surrounded by beloved friends, what my family sees when they look at me?

Talk about a wake up call!

So now, my phone will not be the first thing I connect with in the morning and the last thing I connect with at night. I’ll have more time for being with my family, reading, exercise, and all the other things I need to make space for. Social media will be reserved for the times where I am sitting at my desk by my computer, during my set work hours (which I’m still trying to carve out…that’s really hard too!).

What does this have to do with these amazing shortbread cookies? Nothing really… except for the fact that these are about as simple as can be and sometimes simplifying your life and the things around you is what will bring you the biggest riches. I know I will gain so much more by disconnecting some than I ever will have from being too connected. Don’t you agree?

These cookies would taste amazing with a glass of this Thai Iced Tea! Give it a try today!

Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (4)

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3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies

This recipe was featured on Food.com and makes the best, simple shortbread. Serve with tea or coffee or use as a base for any recipe requiring shortbread.

Prep Time 10 minutes minutes

Cook Time 25 minutes minutes

Total Time 35 minutes minutes

Servings 2 dozen


  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 2 sticks real salted butter if using unsalted butter, add a tiny pinch of salt
  • 2 cups flour


  • Preheat oven to 350°.

  • Cream together the butter and sugar.

  • Once blended, add the flour. Continue to mix together until mixture becomes a soft dough (it'll be crumb like at the beginning...keep mixing and it will turn to dough. If needed, add 1-2 Tablespoons of water).

  • Roll dough out onto a slightly floured surface until 1/4 inch thick.

  • Cut into rounds and place on a parchment or Silpat lined baking sheet.

  • Bake for 20-25 minutes or until a pale, golden brown.

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  1. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (5)Theresa @DearCreatives says

    Do you think it is easier when you have reached a level of followers that you have? Do you think you would of backed off if you haven’t reached your level? I notice if I back off at times to keep a balance, get quality work done…. that is when I notice I lose followers .(on twitter at least) Just curious. But, I whole hardily agree offline & family is so important. We love shortbread cookies & yours look yummy btw.

    • Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (6)Kristen says

      I don’t think it’s easy at all… I’m having a super hard time with it! I’ve never been a numbers girl… couldn’t tell you how many followers I’m losing but to be honest with you, I think having a real life is more important. There are so many bloggers who are afraid to step away… what if their readers need them over the weekend or have a recipe question at night, etc? I love my readers and followers, I really do, but I never want to create a situation where anyone is that dependent on me, and I’m that dependent on them.

      I’m not quitting social media…but when I’m on will be when I’m working at my desk. I need these boundaries terribly and unfortunately I guess I can’t create those boundaries without going to somewhat extreme measures.

      Thanks for your comment, Theresa. Very thought provoking!

      • Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (7)Foodiewife says

        My blog is nowhere as big as you are, and certainly doesn’t have the following that you do (and I am a follower). Recently, I had to rethink how much time I was taking with social media and posting often. I began to feel incompetent, because I could only blog once a week– and my traffic was going down. I finally made a decision that my moments with my husband, without my laptop open or needing to tweet or post on FB was a no-brainer. I’m going to blog for ME, because I enjoy it– but only when I have time. Kudos to you for making this choice. You’re finding a balance that is best for you and your family. I seriously doubt your numbers will suffer for this. Oh, and the cookies. Simple and lovely. Just like you. 🙂

        • Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (8)Kristen says

          My philosophy is you have to have a life to blog or you won’t have anything to blog about. I’m trying to make that same shift too… it’s hard when you get caught up in the business side of things to just turn that off, but I need to back off of it quite a bit and remember to focus on the aspects of blogging that I really love!
          Thanks for sharing your comment 🙂

  2. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (9)holly waterfall says

    I love this and am now inspired to consider taking a step in that direction. I can’t tell you the last time I actually read a book because I’m too distracted by social media before bed. Maybe my phone should stay downstairs when I head up for the night. Thank th for the inspiration and for the simple cookies.

  3. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (10)Erin | The Law Student's Wife says

    This post is so honest and inspiring! It takes such a conscious effort for me to put my phone away at restaurants or our dinner table so that I can focus on the people I am fortunate enough to be with. Thanks for the reminder to be present, balanced, (and not totally dependent on an electronic device!)

  4. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (11)Maria says

    I haven’t deleted my apps but I am paying more attention to what’s around me and not what’s happening on my phone! It is hard, but I am making progress! Love the cookies! xo

  5. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (12)Shaina says

    I think it’s wonderful that you’re making a concerted effort to engage more face to face and keep the phone out of it. I am guilty of having my phone at dinner to edit Instagram photos, and I have started placing it somewhere else, coming back to the photo only after I’ve finished sitting with my family. I don’t use the phone all that often for social media stuff unless I’m sitting watching television, though. I try to kill 3 birds with one stone: relax, social media, catch up on some program my husband wants to watch. In the end, I don’t think the relaxing is happening, and I’m fairly certain the reason my husband wants me to watch something is so we have time together, not so I have time with my phone.

    Now, where’s my cookie? I adore shortbread, and I love how simple these are.

    • Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (13)Kristen says

      Shaina – Do you know when this has been the hardest? When we are watching TV! I’m not a big TV watcher anyway, but I never realized how much time I spent “multi-tasking” while watching TV with the family. I can so relate 🙂

  6. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (14)Meagan @ A Zesty Bite says

    I love how you deleted your social media apps. I would love to be able to do that in the near future. Since we moved cities I have cut my posts down from 5 to 3 to allow more time with family and the baby. Yes I did lose followers or people visiting my site but I realized that these numbers don’t define me or my blog. I started the blog to share fabulous recipes that we had at our dinner table. Yes, it’s definitely my way to make money these days but I can’t let facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest control me.

  7. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (15)Amy @Very Culinary says

    I’m on my phone so much, Paul named it. My iPhone has a name for goodness sake! I really need to disconnect. I know I do. It’s like weaning a baby off a pacifier….

  8. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (18)Heather says

    I got the same idea from Kelley too – she’s one smart lady, right?! And while I haven’t deleted it all off my phone yet, I’m kind of doing one at a time. Baby steps 🙂

  9. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (19)Lucie says

    I think I’ve never left a comment here before but this post forced me to do so.

    I don’t have a smartphone but I have similar issue with internet in general (especially Bloglovin). Sometimes I realize that my boyfriend and I, we both spend whole evening sitting in front of our laptops and doing whatever – but not together. We sometimes share something interesting from the internet but we don’t talk very much to each other. And sometimes I realize how stupid I am and how fast the life is passing around us… On the other hand, I really know how hard it to ballance online and “offline” life when you run a blog and that sometimes only extreme decisions save you. I wish you patience and strong will 🙂

    For the cookies – these look delicious. I like this kind of sweets, it reminds me of my Christmas. We bake something very similar – little cookies with different flavours filled with buttercreams or red currant jam and decorated with chocolate, sugar icing, raisins and nuts. Yes, I know it doesn’t sound very similar but the batter is the same 😉

  10. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (20)Theresa Major says

    Can this “Simple 3 ingredient Shortbread Cookie” be decorated like the regular rolled cookies?

    • Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (21)Kristen Doyle says

      It certainly can. It isn’t going to have the same flavor as a traditional rolled sugar cookie but they are similar in texture and would hold up to frosting fine!

  11. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (22)DessertForTwo says

    I just may join you! I’m so tired of being in a conversation with someone on their phone! Simplicity is better 🙂

  12. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (23)JulieD says

    I deleted facebook from my phone because of you and I’m finding I don’t miss much. I turned off a lot of notifications on my phone before I left for Italy so I wouldn’t use too much data and I have left them turned off. I don’t miss them that much. I did keep my other social media apps because I am not so bad with them as I was with facebook. Thanks for always being a great friend and an inspiration for us all. And can I have a half dozen of these cookies, stat? 🙂

  13. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (24)MJ says

    I love this post – it’s so honest and inspiring. I recently came to a similar (although not as drastic) a conclusion myself, but I’m going in baby steps. I deleted Facebook off my phone first, because I found that it was just a terrible habit I have to pick it up and scroll through when I was supposed to be doing something else. It’s mindless and sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it. I’ve been making a concerted effort to put my phone down (in another room even) when I’m interacting with people. It’s a slow process for me, but becoming so dependent on my phone as a buffer for my real life was a slow process too. I don’t want my tombstone to read “She always stayed current on Twitter.” Thanks for sharing this.

  14. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (25)Stacy | Wicked Good Kitchen says

    LOVE this post, Kristen! So happy to know that your number one reason for going “app-less” (besides IG) is so that you can be more present in your life with your family and friends. I don’t think you’ve done anything severely drastic by setting boundaries with putting the phone aside for family time. But, for someone who was so used to all those apps on a daily basis and giving them up, well that is really something to adjust to! Can you believe I don’t have a single app? I don’t even own a smart phone! Thought about it…to schedule tweets for Twitter and pins at Pinterest. But, in the end, decided not to. The reason may seem crazy to some, but all I ever see is people with their heads bent downward and their fingers and thumbs working like mad. It still kind of freaks me out and I knew I didn’t want to become “one of those people”, LOL! Even though they are “connecting” virtually, they never seemed to be connecting IRL (in real life) “in the now”. For business reasons, connecting to the online world is indeed important. But, when it is off hours, and “at home time”, family and friends will think “those other people” are more important to you than they are if the phone is always in use. I hope the withdrawal process goes smoothly for you, girl! Love ya! xo

  15. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (26)Tracy | Pale Yellow says

    I completely understand what you’re saying about the phone being the first thing I touch when I wake up and the last thing I touch before I sleep. Ohhhh technology. These cookies looks divine and perfectly simple, I can’t wait to make them!

  16. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (27)Kasey Cashio Pierce says

    Kristin for my family to follow our “electronics at a set time rule”, I need to be the leader. I deleting twitter and Facebook. Yes I learn a lot of interesting things on twitter and see what the world is doing on FB but that just makes me jealous because I sitting on my sofa watching everyone have fun! Time to get my butt in gear. So I am jumping in my way back machine and going to the 80’s where the only phone was a wall phone that stretched down the hall into my bedroom. Well maybe I’ll add a dash of year 2000 in the mix and at least have a cell phone to use. :). Thanks for the reminder to be present and mindful in my life.

  17. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (28)Katrina says

    You’re awesome, Kristen. 😉

  18. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (29)Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen says

    Good for you for to choosing to be in the moment and enjoying life as it unfolds! Finding that balance can be hard; it’s so easy to mindlessly get lost in our phones and miss what’s happening in front of us.

  19. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (30)Ashley M. says

    Totally 100% agree! I dont have a problem with this for some reason so I’ll keep my apps. I am only on them when my son is sleeping or if my husbands driving in the car. But I agree it’s hard to have a real conversation these days with some people because of technology!

  20. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (31)Megan says

    These cookies look SO good.

    AND I love this. I think I may need to get my phone cleaned up as well. It’s such a shame to be on your phone when you are with people you care about! <3

  21. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (32)Gerry @ foodness gracious says

    Is there an app to help us get through the tough times when deleting other apps?? Just kidding and kudos to you, I’m far from the deleting stage…farrrrrrr from it 😉

  22. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (33)longchamp handtaschen says

    Extrémně vzdělávací článek ! Nejlepší textu a pěkné informace.

  23. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (34)trisha (mom blogger) says

    These look beautiful and I agree about social media. I used to have someone watch my son so I could get work done…since we lost our nanny (she moved out of state w/ her bf, cry!) its just been me. Cramming it all in…well…its impossible. I had to learn that it was actually impossible to do all this and my household duties. So now I work naptimes and evenings after my kids are in bed. I wont say my work isnt suffering but atleast I dont have a headache of worry about both.


  24. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (35)Rachel @ Baked by Rachel says

    It’s such a great reminder to disconnect from technology. What matters is around us and we’re often missing that.

  25. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (36)Bev @ Bev Cooks says

    AGREED. It’s so hard to to do, but I’m on board. I think. Maybe. I’ll get back to you on it.

    Also, feed me?

  26. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (37)Alaina @ Fabtastic Eats says

    Youre superwoman in my eyes. I NEED desperately to disconnect. My husband is always complaining about how often Im on my phone, and Im sure I should definitely be playing with my kids, not just sitting on the floor with them watching them play while Im on social media. its bogus, and Ive known it for awhile, I try to make an effort, but its just.ALWAYS.there. I can’t even shut it off and its so bad. I need to disconnect, spend more actual time with my husband, and kids, without always having my nose in the screen. The only place we’re good about it is sitting at the table, whether it be at home or out to eat, we don’t bring our phones.
    Im still trying to grow my blog, Im a mini, mini..and I think the pressure to always be present and interact doesnt ever leave my mind…I wish there was a secret potion or way to grow without always being on social media…
    anyways, this is definitely inspiring…hoping to make a change after reading this post, no promises on deleting them..I dont have as much willpower as you, you rock girl!, but hopefully I can be more present in every day moments…thanks kristen 🙂

  27. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (40)Nicole Lindstrom says

    Good for you Kristen. Such a hard thing to do. Believe me, Facebook has been off my phone for two months plus. People have asked me have you seen this or that? I believe logging in to FB via computer is all the time I can give at this moment. I struggle with it. What I don’t struggle with is now being more present as my kids need me the most now. The other part is that living in a world of comparison is not healthy for the soul. Love where I live, but it also has its draw backs when it comes to this matter. I hope you are enjoying life more. I can’t imagine the time it consumed as your blog site is amazing so I can see how social media on your phone could suck up your precious time. Stay strong!

  28. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (41)Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles says

    GREAT post, fabulous ideal. It is so very sad how we’re always buried in our phones. I try to stay semi-conscious of this, especially when it’s just me with our girls. I don’t want to set that example for them. But it’s hard!

  29. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (42)Annalise says

    Kelley is such a good gal to have on hand to remind me about life balance! She does it so well. I love the idea of not having your phone in your bedroom, it really is the first and last thing I pay attention to each day. Bleeech, that sounds so awful!

    • Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (43)Kristen says

      She’s the best… so glad to know her!
      And I totally hear you, Annalise. It sounds awful, which is why I had to keep it out 🙂

  30. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (44)laura says

    So much for the disconnect kudos,,,has anybody actually tried this recipe?????

    • Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (45)Kristen says

      I have, Laura… that’s how I got the photo of the cookies!

  31. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (46)Liz @ The Lemon Bowl says

    I love that this recipe only has 3 ingredients. My mom’s favorite cookie on the planet is shortbread and I feel like I could actually pull these off!! And I love what you’re doing with the disconnect. Also cracking up that it was a blogging event that inspired it. You’re right – every blogging event we are all in our phones!!! You’re inspiring, Kristen.

  32. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (47)Danijela says

    I totally support this. Facebook is killing me and my productivity. Great decision. Of course, I LOVE the recipe! Thanks.

  33. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (48)Alice // Hip Foodie Mom says

    Wow, I am in awe of you that you were able to delete all social media apps from your iphone. . I think the only one I use and am on all the time is instagram. . but yes, absolutely agree with being more present in your life, less sidetracked and more productive. And I LOVE these cookies. They are perfect!!!

  34. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (49)Sommer @ ASpicyPerspective says

    It’s easy to feel like you’re going to be disconnected from what’s going on if you are less involved in social media, but I think that the opposite is actually true! Without the constant buzzing of the phone and constant checking in on everything, there is more time for real-life connection. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂 The cookies look fabulous, too!

  35. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (50)Anna (Hidden Ponies) says

    Good for you!! Setting work hours is my hardest part, and then being productive during that time. I don’t actually own a cell phone (crazy, I know) so that makes it really easy to be disconnected, but very hard when you WANT to be connected 🙂 I’ve learned that Twitter simply doesn’t work for me without a constant connection, so I kinda ignore it.
    And this shortbread? Perfect simplicity! This must be melt-in-your-mouth buttery.

  36. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (52)Gina says

    YUM on the cookies- printing off now.

    I hear you on the phone issue- can’t seem to talk to anyone anymore. I rarely use mine for social media unless I’m sitting in a waiting room. Usually just checking & replying to emails when I’m not at my desk. Still a time suck though.

    I just saw you in a group pic over on Jenny’s blog today- was nice to see that you were there at that retreat. Much needed I’m sure. Hoping one day I will get the chance to go to one & we can finally meet. It’s been too many years of this virtual only connection.

  37. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (53)Amanda says

    Excellent reminder as always. You are such a force of good in this world! 🙂

  38. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (54)Joanie @ Zagleft says

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I seem to be so attached to my phone, it’s almost like a nervous habit. When I have a moment, I reach for it. This is a timely reminder that I need to be more present and not so attached, especially while I still have a little one at home. That’s one of the many reasons why I love reading your blog. You inspire me to be better. BTW, the cookies look fabulous!

  39. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (55)Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust says

    You are a brave woman. I know I have a problem – the thought of deleting them gives me convulsions. Sigh. 🙂

    I love these cookies – 3 ingredients? Awesome!

  40. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (56)Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. says

    I love the idea of disconnecting from the things that take us away from what is most important. And these cookies are the perfect quick treat to prepare!

  41. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (57)Nutmeg Nanny says

    Oh wow, this sounds like something I really need to do, I have a problem messing with my phone at night!
    These shortbread cookies look perfect 🙂

  42. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (58)Barbara | Creative Culinary says

    Welcome to my very small club. I’ve been going against the grain forever; I think initially because my job requires so much connectivity and I needed space from that but also because I’ve seen exactly what you did. My grown children come visit and bury themselves in their phone, catching every FB update and text message, yet not present with me or able to truly converse. It has seemed to me that their increased ‘sociability’ has resulted in something just the opposite.

    I stopped for lunch last weekend and could not help but notice the dad and his daughter at a table next to mine. My first thought was, ‘how sweet’ until I realized that he was on his phone the ENTIRE time and she basically sat there alone. It made me so sad and yet I see that a lot. She looked so lonely it almost made me 1. Cry and 2. Want to say something to him.

    Good choice…for you and everyone around you. Let’s start a movement!

  43. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (59)Icy Pie says

    I use a similar recipe 1500g plain flour 900g unsalted butter , pinch of salt and 500g caster sugar same method however I roll them into sausage shape, roll in demerara sugar slice and bake at 160c for 15-18mins also can put zest of orange, lemon, nutmeg or vanilla or all four!! these are called Balmoral Shortbread well I am Scottish! , I love the simplicity of them and thank you for putting up this recipe and yes they ARE great dunkers !

    • Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (60)Nancy says

      So if you bake them as logs do they take longer to bake then a 1/4 in. flat round would take??

  44. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (61)AmyKelinda says

    I made these tonight, and they were AMAZING! So light and crispy, and like you said, perfect with tea. I can’t believe it’s only 3 ingredients, too!

  45. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (62)Molly @Bakelette says

    LOVE shortbread and with only three ingredients! Can’t. Beat. That. Simple and easy are my favorites when it comes to baking!

  46. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (63)emily says

    How much is two sticks of butter? Can you be more specific, how many grams? Thanks

    • Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (64)Nancy says

      How do you buy your butter wherever you live? we can buy 4 sticks in a box..each stick is 8 tablespoons.

      • Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (65)Kristen says

        Thanks for replying, Nancy! I missed this comment earlier. 1/2 cup butter or 2 sticks. Thanks for answering the question!

    • Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (66)john smith says

      a stick of butter is like a liget stick of butter like you dont need to know it in grams it is a ligit stick of butter one that you can hold in your hand it is a rectangular prism go to goolge imajes and look up stick of butter to get an idea

  47. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (67)Cookin' Cowgirl says

    So cool, Kristen! And congratulations on being featured on Buzzfeed! 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you next week at GoBlog Social!

  48. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (68)L. Shoberg says

    How well do these hold up in a Tea Duel? I am looking for a good cookie for our Tea Duel Society.

    • Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (69)Kristen says

      Ha! I’m not sure at all, but know they taste good with tea 🙂 I had no idea there was such a thing as a Tea Duel Society… just looked it up and am fascinated!

    • Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (70)L. Shoberg says

      Oh, yes! There are rules, officials, specified sizes of cup, everything to make it a fun and exciting time! One of the Steampunk groups to which we belong, through rather new at it, is quite enthusiastic about our duels.

  49. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (71)Taste USA says

    These cookies tasted amazing, but they didn’t come out like the picture for me. They were not flat and crispy and chewy on the inside. Mine came out a bit drier and puffier, still delicious but I prefer the flatter crispier cookie. I followed the recipe exactly…what did I do wrong? Thank you!

    • Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (72)Narg says

      Don’t use self rising flour.

  50. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (74)Tina Marie says

    I tried using what was in my pantry:self rising flour and they rose a little but weren’t that bad. I still wasn’t satisfied and truly wanted to make these cookies how I seen them on your blog and I made them a second time with regular flour. They are so delicious!!! My husband really likes them as well. This is a recipe I’d come back to for many years to come Thanks!!!

  51. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (75)Kate @ Framed Cooks says

    Hey my friend! I was looking for a simple shortbread recipe to link to in my upcoming post about Millionaire’s Shortbread, and yours was of course perfect. And just as perfect is this post about disconnecting, which is something I really have to work on. I’m completely guilty of the whole “phone by the bed” thing, along with spending too much time with it during the day. So…thank you. I’m keeping Instagram, but Twitter, Pinterest and probably some others are going. Life is too short. xoxo!

  52. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (76)Varun sharma says

    These look beautiful

  53. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (77)Charlotte says

    I’m looking for a lactose intolerant sugar cookie cutout cookie receipe. If you can help me send receipe to charlottefletcher984@yahoo.com. I need it by tomorrow thank you

  54. Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (78)Isabelle Hernandez says

    @Charlotte I emailed you a link. I know it’s like really late but hope it helps in the future.


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Disconnected {Recipe: 3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookies} (2024)


What is the mistake in making shortbread? ›

The most common mistakes when making shortbread are over-working the dough, and incorporating too much flour. The less you work the dough, the more crumbly and melt-in-your-mouth your shortbread cookies will be.

What not to do when making shortbread? ›

The key with shortbread is not to overhandle it. Make the dough exactly as instructed, but don't mess around making shapes or over rolling the dough - you will end up with delicious but tough biscuits. Stretching and pulling the dough activates the gluten in the flour, making chewy cookies and not crisp ones.

What happens if you add too much butter to shortbread cookies? ›

Butter is an emulsifier and it makes cookies tender. It also adds in the crispy-around-the-edges element. Adding too much butter can cause the cookies to be flat and greasy. Adding too little butter can cause the cookies to be tough and crumbly.

Should butter be hard or soft for shortbread? ›

Fine Cooking explains that the butter should be at refrigerator temperature. While many cookie recipes call for softened butter or at room temperature, if your butter isn't cold when making shortbread, it's likely to turn out greasy or be difficult to roll out.

What is the secret to good shortbread? ›

Tips To Make the Best Shortbread Cookies
  • Choose High Quality Butter. No matter what brand of butter you buy, if it's real butter, you can rest assured that it's the best. ...
  • Keep Ingredients Simple. ...
  • Add Flavor. ...
  • Don't Overwork. ...
  • Shape Dough. ...
  • Chill Before Baking. ...
  • Bake Until Golden. ...
  • Add Finishing Touches.

Should the butter be cold when making shortbread? ›

If it's too warm, the butter and sugar cannot properly cream and the cookies will taste dense. Many shortbread recipes call for cold butter worked into the dry ingredients and that gives you a wonderfully flaky cookie but if not mixed properly, the results can be inconsistent.

What happens if you don't chill shortbread dough? ›

But in this shortbread cookie recipe, it really makes a difference. Chilling the dough helps the cookies hold their shape. If you don't chill your shortbread dough, the cookies will spread as they bake.

Why is shortbread unhealthy? ›

Why is shortbread considered to be bad for you? Shortbread is considered unhealthy because of the high butter content. How long do homemade shortbread cookies actually last? Depends on how you define that… they won't make you sick for weeks after they become unpalletable, which is after a couple of weeks at best.

Should you chill shortbread dough before rolling? ›

Roll out the shortbread dough.

On a lightly floured surface, roll it out to a ½ cm (¼ inch) thick. Note: if the dough is too soft at this point then wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 10-15 minutes or longer until it firms up slightly and makes it easier to roll out.

Why do shortbreads poke holes? ›

The word "bread" comes from "biscuit bread" which was made from leftover bread dough that was sweetened and dried out in the oven to make biscuits. Why do you poke holes in shortbread? The holes allow the moisture to escape during baking and more even heat distribution. This helps dry out and crisp up the cookies.

Why use unsalted butter in shortbread? ›

Use unsalted butter for balanced flavour. Unsalted butter was traditionally used in baking because it was a superior product to salted - salt is used as a preservative so unsalted butter was thought to be fresher.

What is the best brand of butter for shortbread cookies? ›

Spend extra when it really counts: If you're making a recipe where butter really is the star (think shortbread or biscuits), splashing out for a package of Kerrygold or Vital Farms is worth the expense. The fine differences in the flavor are most impactful in these recipes.

Why is my shortbread raw in the middle? ›

If the edges burn and the center is undone, it means the heat didn't have enough time to reach the relatively cool center before the edge was too hot. The temperature gradient depends on the amount of heat from your oven and the size of your cookie - and to some degree on the thermal properties of your cookie sheet.

What's the difference between Irish shortbread and Scottish shortbread? ›

Irish Shortbread Is Distinct From Scottish Shortbread

Irish shortbread not only sometimes changes up the butter-to-sugar ratio (possibly going with 2/3 a cup of sugar to 1 cup of butter), but also adds cornstarch in place of some of the flour present in the traditional recipe.

Why did my shortbread fail? ›

There are a variety of reasons why the shortbread could be damp underneath but it is most likely that either the dough is being pressed out too thickly, the pan is not metal so heats up too slowly, or the oven temperature is too high causing the top to brown before the bottom has cooked sufficiently.

What are the disadvantages of shortbread? ›

Sugar provides a fast source of energy. There are rarely any artificial additives. Cons: Shortbread is a weight watcher's nightmare because it is extremely high in saturated fat and calories. Saturated fat is the 'bad' fat which is linked to artery-clogging high cholesterol and heart disease.

How can you tell if shortbread is underbaked? ›

Begin checking at the tail end of the cooking time. Undercooked shortbread will be doughy and chewy. Slightly overcooked and it will become chalky, brittle and hard.

What is the difference between Scottish shortbread and regular shortbread? ›

Traditional Scottish shortbread is a simple recipe made with sugar, butter, flour, and salt. Other shortbread styles will include leavening agents like baking powder and baking soda, which makes them crisp instead of crumbly like traditional Scottish shortbread.

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